Review: Innovation – The Einstein Way

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By Virender Kapoor. Grade: A

How did Albert Einstein acquire such a cult status?

What was so great about him? And, more importantly, what can we learn from his life?

These are some of the questions Virender Kapoor chooses to answer in this book. He argues that a lot of people know Einstein but know very little of him. He seamlessly combines Einstein’s life and his works, and derives lessons worth imbibing in our own lives. The book, which deals with this physicist’s unparalleled contribution to science, translates his ideals, which still hold their water, into our daily monotony.

Innovation – The Einstein Way

In this book, Virender Kapoor analyses every facet of Einstein s life and personality. He shows how Einstein’s contributions went far beyond the field of science he was an active supporter of human rights, a generous donor and remarkably detached from material possessions. Einstein also knew how to use his imagination productively, employ communication skills effectively and above all, keep his sense of humour intact. It was these qualities and others that made him the man he was, and understanding and absorbing them would also help others go a long way as well, in any time and at any place. Containing powerful truths in simple, lucid words, Innovation: the Einstein Way is a must-read for everyone, irrespective of their fields of interest, to understand how to utilize their strengths to the fullest.

What is extremely gratifying about this piece of literature is the simple fact that it presents Einstein, one of the most prominent figures of the last century, as more than just a scientist. We are given a closer look at Einstein, the man. His philanthropist nature, dedication to the society, ideals about education and his stance on violence. He used imagination to create theories that changed the way we look at the world. It was his belief that all he discovers is presented to him by nature, for he is willing to seek.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”- Albert Einstein

Einstein was a man of diverse faculties and a glimpse of his life is like a kaleidoscope – ever constant, ever changing. There are few who will be left uninspired by this narrative. It is simple to read, divided into chapters, each pertaining to a different essence of Einstein’s being, and coerces meaning out of his life, which we can all relate to. The language is lucid and interesting, and can be grasped by people irrespective of their fields of preference. He has managed effectively by articulating even the most complex of ideas in a very straightforward manner. Virender, in the epilogue, summarizes his own perspective –

“Einstein showed the entire world that he defined his own operational grammar and created a twenty seventh alphabet of his own-not available in any dictionary, out of the box. He ceased to be a part of the crowd, and stood out as an individual.”

This book is an excellent (and interesting) amalgamation of the life of an inspirational figure and the indelible impact he had on the world in which he lived. His qualities will hold us in good stead, if we choose to emulate them into our lives.

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