Let’s first clear the basic hurdles.

Q. Who is a Guest Reviewer?
A guest reviewer is somebody who is not a permanent member of VaultofBooks, but still writes reviews for us, often, they can use essayelites.com as an additional resource for the theoretical base. Sort of a freelancer, you can say. A guest reviewer should turn in his first review within the first week of joining us, but after that, there are no compulsions to write for us.

Q. Who can be a Guest Reviewer?
Anybody, really. Even though this website is basically run by teenagers, we have no restrictions. Anyone who reads a lot and can write a decent review is more than welcome to join.

Q. I have never written a review before, can I be a Guest Reviewer?
Writing a good review is an art and we try to give our readers the very best. If you have never written a review before, we would encourage you to practice writing some and then contact us. But to be honest, everything depends upon the sample review you will be asked to submit.

Q. How does the system work?
The person in charge of the logistics is contacted by publishers or writers looking to get books reviewed. The press release is emailed to him, and he will forward it to available reviewers like you, and if you agree to review that particular novel, it will be shipped to your address.
Once you have the book in your hands, you message him once, and then send the review within a week or so.
You are free to write the review in any way you can, although there are a few guidelines we request you to follow.
You might find these two links useful:
The review will be published under your name and a small bio.

Q. I don’t know a thing about web-designing. Can I be a Guest Reviewer?
We are advertising for a Guest Reviewer, not a Guest Web-Developer. So don’t worry – we are not expecting a master web-developer. WordPress supports VaultofBooks, but if you are a WordPress-illiterate, do not worry. We have simple tutorials to guide you. And if you’re worried you can’t even do that, you can just email your review to the editors, and we’d upload it under your name.

Q. I work with another website where I have written reviews. Can I post the same here?
No, you can’t. VoB doesn’t accept multiple submissions. Our offer is this: for the review copies you acquire because of Vault of Books (ebooks and otherwise), the reviews should be uploaded only on VoB’s servers. For books you review without any help from VoB, you are free to review on your own blog. Again, if you upload the same review on VoB, the very purpose of this exercise is defeated. Moreover, Google penalizes for duplicate content, and both the blogs would suffer.

The gist is this: a review should go only to one place. From VoB to VoB, and any personal copies to your blog. We still welcome reviews of books you’ve read because of your own interest, provided you’re not planning to review it on your own blog.

Q. Can I post an excerpt on my blog about a review published at VoB.com?
Yes. You can post an excerpt, and mention that the full review can be read at [Insert Link Here].

Q. Can I post the review at Goodreads/Flipkart/Amazon using my account?
We usually post all our reviews at the above websites, so if you’re planning on posting it as well, do let us know so that there is no duplication. The words ‘Originally reviewed at vaultofbooks.com’ is mandatory to add.

Q. If I become a Guest Reviewer, would you give me books for free to review?
Yes, but not immediately. When we are given a book to review, a certain amount of trust has been posted in us. We can not forward it directly to some new reviewer without testing his mettle. He may never put up the review, and since most of the interaction is done online, there would be little we could do about it.
So new guest reviewers, please don’t expect books to rain down on you as soon as you join.

Q. Can I also interview authors on your behalf?
Sure, but only after informing any of the admins.

Q. Can members of VaultofBooks and GR join giveaways on the website?
Yes, but since most of the winners are randomly selected or chosen by the author of the book, you shouldn’t expect any partial treatment.

Q. I received a book from you for a review. How soon am I expected to put up the review?
Within ten days of receipt, barring any special circumstances. If you don’t, we’ll probably never give you another book.

Q. I received a book from you for a review. I have finished it and put up the review. What do I do with it now?
That is entirely up to you. You don’t have to return it. You can keep it in your bookshelf, donate it, gift it or give away on your blog.

Q. You have plenty of guest reviewers. On what basis do you give books to them to review?
The selection depends upon a variety of factors.

  • Your speed in putting up the review of the previous books.
  • The quality of your reviews.
  • The reviewer’s preferred genre.
  • Location of the reviewer. Indian reviewers get more books. And those who live in cities where plenty of courier services operate also have an advantage.


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