Founder and Editor: Shriya

A nineteen year old who likes to bite off more than what she can chew, and on most days that includes this website


Her love for reading began when she accidentally came across Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in the school library. You can read about these and other works at in this way, by applying to write my assignment you will get an excellent analysis of the works. It was the first time she’d read of the bespectacled wizard and could hardly understand the story, knew true love when it looked her right in the eye. This is why J.K. Rowling will “always” be her favourite writer. Judith McNaught joined the rank in her late teens, and she also holds immense respect for Arundhati Roy, Jennifer Crusie, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Jodi Picoult, Rahul Pandita, Suzanne Brockmann, and many more. She is Possibly thaasophobic, definitely Whovian, with a highly inappropriate sense of humour. Happy owner of five cats.

She has been blogging (off and on) since she was in class eight and web-designing from about the same time. In addition to blogging, her free time is spent running this website, writing and hanging out with friends, and when the mood strikes, pursuing dual degrees from Hans Raj College, Delhi University. She has also a published novel under her name: Take One More Chance.

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Operations In-charge: Riya

Riya is characterized by the tendency to fall in love with fictional characters. She is a self-confessed bookaholic, and in charge of the logistics at VoB. She is also the Editor – yes, with a capital E – and the co-founder with Shriya. Debut writers prefer Riya to be their reviewer since she is less cynical and open to new ideas. Her favourite writers include Judith McNaught, Karen Rose, David Baldacci, and Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

She is pursuing Economics Hons from Delhi University. You can contact her via or Facebook.


Administrator and Editor: Vanathi

Vanathi has been reading books since forever. But the real love for them started when she was assigned a dull and boring looking Agatha Christie instead of one of those colorful Enid Blyton books in 5th grade Library. A whodunnit fanatic and a potterhead, She is also an off-the-record chick lit lover. A statistician by the day, a bookworm by the night, she cannot sleep without reading at least a few pages. When not reading, she enjoys baking and hopes to join one of the Cordon Bleu institutions one day!
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1. Cami: A nineteen year old who likes to write essays, code websites and dance. She loves math and science, along with love logic and reasoning. She is not terribly athletic and doesn’t know how she feels about the color pink. If she could go back in time she would see the first space shuttle launch. Her favorite author is C.S. Lewis because he talks about things from a different angle than she has heard before. He has raised new questions for her to ask while building her up. The best kind of friend she thinks; she wishes she could have met him.
She has written a lot of reviews for non-fiction books but she also likes fantasy and a few books by Meg Cabot and similar authors.

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Anuj Sharma

2. Anuj: Anuj Sharma is 21 and pursuing Microbiology (H) from Delhi University. He loves to read everything; he even reads the offer document carefully before investing. He has had a journey of evolution and an evolution of literary taste and preferences, which range from Tilismi Jaal of Raj Publictions to Haruki Murakami.

His other interests include music, movies and your girlfriend. He is a part time Royal Poison Tester, Crime Scene Cleaner, zombie killer and full time exaggerator.



3. Shail Raghuvanshi: 

Shail is a freelance writer, editor, poet and book reviewer.

She worked fulltime while at ‘Indian Express’ in the editing department, then, at a private magazine ‘The Folks’ being involved with the conception, lining up of articles and editing followed by work at a television channel, ‘Plus Channel’ as a cultural correspondent.  She had already started working freelance during her college days as she also wrote articles, poetry and stories for reputed magazines like Femina, Woman’s Era, The Sun, etc and also scripted and presented programmes on All India Radio for the Youth section.

She is interested in reading, writing, music, watching plays, making friends and spirituality.

She can be contacted via her blog or .

Sachin Dev

4. Sachin Dev: Sachin is a day-time digital marketing professional who spends far too much time theorizing a solution to thassophobia and listening to good music. He is what the nerds would call, a consummate speculative fiction junkie – devouring Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror books for a living. His tastes run the gamut of all sub-genres – urban fantasy, steampunk, hard SF, military fantasy, sword & sorcery – but leans mainly towards those meaty EPIC high fantasy.

While Tolkien, Frank Herbert and Asimov are early influences, of late he is on a roll discovering new talent – Scott Lynch, Steven Erikson, Joe Abercrombie, George RR Martin to name the tip of the iceberg. He is an aspiring writer and has already written his first “trunk” novel, is in the process of wrapping up his second one ( this one will see the light of the day hopefully!)

He lives in the Tech capital of India – Bangalore along with his wife and an imaginary St.Bernard puppy that never grows up. He blog about books, writing and more at Fantasy Smorgasbord.

Amrit Sinha

5. Amrit Sinha: A software professional who loves the printed words, Amrit was born and brought up in the City of Joy, Kolkata.

His romance with stories and books started as soon as he learnt to decipher the beauty of letters, consonants and vowels, initially unfurling smiles with comics featuring Chacha Chaudhury and the likes during childhood, gradually progressing to Tinkle with the dawn of adolescence, and finally emerging as a voracious reader of novels. He doesn’t have any preferred genre and loves reading all types of books. However, he has a list of favorite authors, with Khaled Hosseini, Dan Brown, H. G. Wells, Sidney Sheldon, Michael Crichton and Chetan Bhagat scoring high on that chart.

When he is not reading, Amrit likes playing PC games. He is passionate about music and loves composing random notes on his guitar.

You can get in touch with him via and Facebook. Amrit blogs at Living Life Green Speck.

Anushka Pandey

6. Anushka Pandey:  Anushka is a bright eyed sixteen year old, currently in Grade Eleven. She’s changed nearly seven schools, and has travelled to a lot of places, and thus has a varied taste in almost every thing. She believes that variety is the spice of life, and books are no different.

She’s passionate about reading and writing, and her favourite genres include Romance, like every other girl out there; Romantic Suspense; Mystery and Thrillers. However, as aforementioned, she believes in experimenting and is game to try out different kinds of books.

A little inactive at the moment due to the ever increasing workload of school and studies, she hopes to devote more time to reviewing soon!

7. Jassi:


Jaasindah Rafiq Mir is an insatiable reader, a consistent reviewer of books, an irregular blogger, a lover of poetry and wishes she could go out for coffee with John Donne and Mirza Ghalib someday. Living with her mother and her brother in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, she is pursuing her degree in English Literature and Psychology. Apart from reading and writing, she loves being in solitude, gulping down as much of yoghurt as she can, and watching any movie starring Amitabh Bachchan. Jaasindah also runs her own little book blog called J R Loves Books.

She can be reached at her email, 


8. Titiksha Jindal: Titiksha is an eighteen year old who is proud of the fact that she is the only Titiksha Jindal on Facebook. Her love for reading started when she issued Secret Seven in fourth grade on seeing the colorful cover and hasn’t looked back since. Reading under the blankets with a torch has led to her poor eyesight, but meeting the love of her life in Harry Potter more than made up for it. She also loves to watch movies at home instead of cinema halls.

Her favourite genres are mystery and fantasy fiction, but she’s not a big fan of philosophical books probably because she knows whats good for her and refuses to do so anyway. An aspiring Chartered Accountant, she is also doing B.Com Hons.



9. Bhairavee Chitnis:

A twenty-year old girl who is crazy about computers and books. She’s been a bookaholic from the age of 10, after reading books by Enid Blyton and then her all-time-favourite series, The Harry Potter Series.

Now, along with pursuing Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Mumbai University, she spends her time reading as many books as she can and tries to squeeze in a review or two from her packed schedule.

Her favourite genres include fanstasy, mystery-fiction, crime-fiction, also books by authors like Sophie Kinsella and Meg Cabot, and especially books by Dan Brown.

She blogs at The Dramatic Soul.

10. Radhika Sen:

Radhika Sen

A nineteen-year old girl who is crazy over reading, and travelling. Having fallen in love with  books while reading The Secret Seven series by Enid Blyton; she found her true love after reading the Harry Potter series, and that remains to be her all-time favorite series.

Like any other girl, she loves her share of rom-com novels, but her favorite genre is Thrillers. She loves reading books written by J.K.Rowling, Dan Brown, David Baldacci, Jennifer Crusie and Sophie Kinsella.

Currently pursuing B.Com (Hons) from Hans Raj College, Delhi University, she wishes to go ahead and do her MBA.


11. Shashank Tiwari: Shashank is a 22 year old daydreamer who loves to read everything
except his text books. He has a widely unread blog to his credit. He is an avid reader, occasional humorist, proud potterhead, crazy cricket lover, movie buff, hardcore foodie, and a jerk.

His favorite writers include J.K Rowling, J.D Salinger and Khaled Hosseini.
He is currently in his final year of engineering and is glad that this torture will end soon.


12. Jayesh: A person who likes to have his hands full with opportunities. For him, books have been the one constant factor in his life ever since he has made any sense of life. To him, books are the most powerful source of knowledge and information and it is our turn to repay them in whatever way we can. He believes that books are the gateway to another world – a world without limits and boundaries, a world of free will and endless possibilities and are a really good way to activate one’s mind. His favourite genres are fiction and alternative history.

A Management graduate from Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Pune, he is currently pursuing his Master’s from Indian Institute of Management, Raipur.

He can be contacted via .