Review Policy

VaultofBooks is an upcoming and growing website, and we don’t believe in preset notions. Hence we accept books from most genres to review, except the following (read more about each of the genres, how they differ, and their place in modern literary activity at

Rest assured, the best reviewer for your book would be selected by the editors, and you can expect an honest critique. We obsess about the little details but are wise enough to make allowances where deemed worthy. That being said, it is our request to not send a pitch if you can’t handle criticism. 

Just because we are an assorted group of barely adults and barely teens does not mean we don’t know how to deliver. Visitors are most welcome to peruse through our existing collection of books and judge for themselves.


Accepted formats:
We accept print, and ebooks. Bound galleys and ARCs are fine, as are finished paperbacks or hardcovers. I currently have a slight preference for paperbacks and hardbacks. I will not accept books available ONLY as ebooks, except by authors who also have books in print.

Manuscript Reviews:
We do not offer manuscript edits or reviews. There are many such organizations built for that specific purpose, and we suggest you contact them. However, if a release date is imminent (like an ARC), we would certainly like to take a look.

Unsolicited Copies:
We will do our best to review unsolicited books when they appeal to us. However, we cannot guarantee the time frame within which the review will be published. It will be reviewed 99% of the time and if for some reason none of the reviewers can review it, we’ll try our best to notify the sender.

Author Interviews, Guest Posts, and Giveaways:
We regularly conduct interviews, guest posts and giveaways. To contact us for such an event, please use the contact form. (The link is given at the end of the page.)

Before submitting your novel, you should go through the following clauses:

1. By filling the form below, you give the reviewer the right to critique the novel, which would always be honest, but not always nice. If you can’t accept constructive criticism, please don’t submit your book here.

2. Most books are reviewed within two weeks – barring a few exceptions. To avoid unnecessary problems, please provide us with a time frame in which you expect the review. If you don’t, we would review it at our convenience.

3. A book that has been accepted will always be reviewed.

4. We make no distinction between the book that we have purchased with our own money or has been provided to us as a review copy.

5. Please mention “Review Policy Accepted” in the subject of the contact form so that we know you have read this.

To submit your book, please fill the contact form HERE and you will receive an affirmation with our postal address within 48 hours. Pitch your book and give us the publication history. Thank you!

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