I have personally been working with Vault of Books for a year now and Random House India has had a very good association with them. They have always been one of the top blogger communities in our list not only because they are very pro- active and prompt with their responses and reviews, with which they are also helped by prime essay, creating beautiful and individual materials, but essentially because they LOVE books which is why we are all here. And over time they have expanded themselves and become a revered book review community. They are your GO TO people if you want recommendations on what to read.

                                                                                                                                                                – Anindita Buragohain                                                               Senior Executive- Marketing and Publicity, Random House India

Vault of Books, led by Shriya Garg, is doing a truly fabulous job of an unenviable mission – promoting books. In our country, it is difficult to spread the awareness about books, simply because we as a nation probably have never adopted reading as a hobby or a pastime, let alone as a passion. In these circumstances it is wonderful to see Shriya and her team doing this selflessly. What I admire the most is the fact that they do it very well, indeed. They don’t write badly worded reviews, are honest and forthright in their assessment, and I have a feeling that they care about the books the way the books should be cared about. I wish them all the very best and hope to see them grow. God knows we need many more of them!

-Rohit Gore,
Bestselling author of ‘Circle of Three’, ‘The Guardian Angels’ 


“Working with The Vault over the past year has been fantastic.  It’s always a pleasure to find partners who share a similar enthusiasm and passion for books. Shriya and her lovely bloggers are always a delight to work with. We look forward collaborating more frequently to foster a reading culture within Indian readers.”

-Rukun Kaur,

Publicist, Random House India


For a book site that’s one year old and developed by teenagers, VOB  deserves a ‘Wow!’
Delighted by the experience : a thoroughly professional team, classy homed page, affordable charged, good execution.
Good show, keep it up!

-S. V. Divvaakar

Author, Beaten By Bhagat

“The team of Vault of Books is a bunch of super-committed and super-creative individuals who zealously spread the value and joy of the written word.  Their dedication to the job is admirable and as an author I feel privileged to be associated with them.”

- Kirti Krishnaswami

Author,  Engines Of  The Mind

It is the goal of the collective energy behind VaultofBooks.com to expose the general public to reviews of books that may, at times, be overlooked due to lack of marketing, odd subjects, unknown authors or saturation of the market.
They are a team of bright young minds who offer unbiased book reviews from a variety of publishers on a multitude of subjects and genres and who do justice to each and every book they review. The Vault is a treasure house of information on latest books and author interviews.

-Rupali Sawant,
Senior Publicist, Jaico Books


It is truly great to see so many book lovers out there, willing to do so much to promote good writing and good books.
Although being a publisher, we do give our authors all the necessary promotion needed for their book, a good review from a book blogger always adds credibility to our books. A very pleasant team to work with, hope to use some more of your services for our authors.
Keep up the good work!
- Pooja Iyer
Marketing team, BecomeShakespeare.com


You have innumerable websites and web portals completely dedicated to movie reviews and it’s very easy to know the opinion of various critics. When it comes to books, there used to be a big problem regarding reliable book reviews until The Vault of Books was founded. The group mostly consists of teenagers and all of them are so well-read that their fresh and unbiased opinions always help me clarify my doubts on any book which I plan to read. Best wishes to the group and I hope to see them rise to the top very soon.

-Naman Kapur
Vice President, Operations, PaperClip Books


“Working with Shriya & the team at Vault of Books has been truly a great experience. Prompt response, commitment to deliverables and accurate reviews have been partie intégrante of the whole experience. Vault of Books is truly a reader-centric, yet author friendly website which has helped bring authors closer to their readers while delivering the best to the readers. Kudos and Keep up the good work.”

-Arup Bose

Publisher, Srishti Publishers & Distributors.

A wonderful site and a app-laudable effort. This reassures me that there are people there young and energetic like me who seek to change the society through books and by encouraging people to read!

-Sagarika Chakraborty
Author, A Calender Too Crowded

 I have had the pleasure of being associated with Vaultofbooks on account of my debut novel, The Karachi Deception. The website, in my opinion, is doing a wonderful job in connecting authors with readers. Vaultofbooks is particularly useful for new authors, as reaching out to readers who have never heard of you is an incredible task. What also impressed me about the site is the unbiased approach it takes to reviewing books — no quarter is given, and for whatever it is worth, reviews and ratings are based on the perceived merit of the work alone. A commendable approach that doesn’t compromise on the site’s credibility.

- Shatrujeet Nath

Author, The Karachi Deception

“[VaultofBooks is] Quick, professional and rising.”

-Faraaz Kazi
CEO, Digi Imprint Solutions


“When I come to think of VaultofBooks, I can very safely say it is voluminous. The number of reviews being done so regularly sometimes leave me with a gaping mouth. Plus, the fact that all the reviewers are still in their teens means they bring a fresh perspective to things on the table. The fanaticism of the owners shows clearly in the content and that is what pulls me towards the website whenever I need an honest opinion about any book. VaultofBooks, to me, is my ‘always into books’ friend.”

-Shubham Arora
Author, Love Chemistry


Kudos to those who run this amazing website. It is a book lover’s delight. We really need such sites which are only focusing on books and not a variety of other things like food, movies, etc. For the next best book to read, go check out ‘VaultofBooks’.

-Ritwik Mallik
Author, Anyone Else But You


The encouragement given by the Vault team to young authors like me is incredible. The Vault platform is like a great virtual home in the cyber world.  V=Valuable  A=Awesome U=Ultimate  L=Laudable  T=Talented.

-Chitra Lele
Author, Peace Ambassador and Management Professional


VaultofBooks is doing a wonderful job of reviewing books and interviewing authors. The youthful perspective is a welcome aspect. Its effort to introduce young writers is commendable.

-Tanushree Podder


The biggest challenge is to find someone who knows all your flaws and gaffes but brings out the best in you. I am grateful to VaultofBooks, Jasindah Mir and Shriya Garg for their contribution in bringing out and describing the finest features of my book. An association has developed which is beyond the relationship of an author and a reviewer that will be relished and will bloom with every passing day. Keep reading! Keep reviewing!! All the best!

-Aslam Rahaman
Author, The Fortune Hunters

The Vault of Books is a very trustworthy website. They always give proper feedback for the books they take on to review… As an author, I was really pleased to see how they established a personal connection with my book. I am definitely sending my books to be reviewed by them again in the future.

 -Aniesha Brahma

Author, The Secret Proposal

If I could list my favourite websites for the upcoming authors in India, VaultofBooks will definitely be one of them. With a good amount of professionalism and great reviews , I must say I was not only impressed by their work but happy too after I received an awesome review of my own book. I wish them all the best to them

-Shubham Choudhary

Author, My EX Fell in Love