Like all good things usually do, Vault of Books happened by chance. It was the product of a long, boring summer and two restless teenagers with a passion for reading. We were into web-developing and embarked on it as a summer project, reviewing some of the books we were reading. Today, we have thirty highly skilled reviewers on board, working with leading publishing houses and literary agencies across India. However, if you also want to become a reviewer but are worried that you do not have the necessary skills, academic writing services will be happy to provide you with advice and correct papers. Rukun Kaur, a publicist at Random House India said this about us:

 “Working with The Vault over the past year has been fantastic.  It’s always a pleasure to find partners who share a similar enthusiasm and passion for books. Shriya and her lovely bloggers are always a delight to work with. We look forward collaborating more frequently to foster a reading culture within Indian readers.”

Our USP lies in being authentic. We do paid advertising, but even then we won’t write a positive review if it doesn’t deserve one. That’s something we clarify to the clients straight from the beginning.

Our diverse variety of reviewers includes published authors, journalists, and plain old college students. Each one of us brings a different perspective to the table, and makes sure we give every book its best shot. We have an incredible team in place, without which the website would be a shrivelled shell of what it is today. This is not some nineteen year old’s personal blog who reviews books on the side. It is not also an e-zine which has movie reviews, book reviews along with food reviews. The main aim of Vault Of Books is to provide different readers a chance to get to know about books- Good Books, bad books, interesting books and boring books.

Here is an overview of our readership (click to enlarge): – April 2013


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On an average, we get 300-400 individual visitors EVERY DAY, and about 4000 page clicks. Even on an off-day, we get three hundred clicks. That makes our average 120,000 visitors. Every month, we grow by around 10%, so you can calculate our average visitors today.

Take a look at our packages:

PACKAGE 1: Advertisement in the sidebar: A 200 X 300 ad of your website/novel/whatever in the sidebar of all reviews/interviews/giveaways/posts. An example already can be seen here.

  • One month:  INR 250.
  • Three months: INR 600.
  • Six Months: INR 1000.


PACKAGE 2: Advertisement at the top of a review: In this situation, a 480 X 160 banner ad appears somewhere in the body of the content. In this situation, only ONE ad will appear on one page. However, if you refresh the page, other ad may appear. The rotation here will again be between five ads.
So, if a user browses five pages of this website, your ad will definitely appear once.

  • One month:  INR 300.
  • Three months: INR 800.
  • Six Months: INR 1500.


PACKAGE 3:  In the Spotlight: In this feature, we put up some information about an upcoming title or a recently released one. Aside from a few excerpts, the back blurb and the author’s bio, we will also do an interview and share it in our newsletter. Sometimes, we design you cover photos (of the book and author) for your Facebook page.

The banner of your product will be the cover photo and display picture of our Facebook Account and Facebook Page – both of which are updated at least twice a week. It will also be mentioned in the website’s newsletter – which is released twice a month.
At one point of time, we won’t have more than two titles in the list.

  • One Time Charge: INR 500
  • The cover photo shall be maintained for a month.


Please note: $1 extra for designing banners. You will be given a choice among two.

Cover Photo


PACKAGE 4: Advertisement in Homepage Slider:

You might have noticed. We have a gorgeous, huge slider on our homepage. And we are renting it out.

  • 1 Month: INR 500
  • 3 Months: INR 1200


PACKAGE 5: Link Exchanges: Link exchanges are very simple. We place a button/text ad/display ad of your product on our website, and you do the same. The time period will be decided mutually and so will be the size and position of the ad.

This package is free of cost but interested parties should have a website that receives over 1000 unique visitors per month.

Interested parties may use the contact form below to email us with their list of desired package and duration. Depending upon the order placed, we will revert with ongoing discounts and rebates.

Prices are not negotiable.
We accept cash (money order), cheques and online payment. Payment will be made in advance. For animated ads, please make sure that it doesn’t exceed fifteen seconds.
Please fill the contact form below.

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