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Spotlight: Anyone Else But You

Catch the latest on Ritwik Mallik’s third novel!

Rishav Sen, a new entrant to the much famed Delhi High School feels that everything is going according to plan. A bigger school, greater exposure and definitely a better life – what else could an 11th grader ask for?

Enter, the unpredictable Sahana Vajpai, a girl who has knowledge of the world but knows little about herself. Contradictions and confusions define her. For her, life is based on practicalities, who cares about emotions? ‘I love you’ is cheesy and long flowery lines are such a turn off! Add to that a Rishav-Sahana love story; it’s Hara-kiri!

Life in Delhi High School isn’t all about what catches the eye:

When 17 year old Siddhant is found dead, a series of events unravel the dark truth of Indian High Schools. The lines are drawn and it’s time to choose which side you are on.

Will Jai Chauhan hold on to what he thinks is rightfully his? Or will he have to share his prized possession?
What about BK and her Mission Domination?
Who is Muskaan Kaur- an angel or a devil in disguise?
Will Suraj Singh’s unpardonable antics be covered up by his ‘big’ friends? Or will BK save the day?
Will the Rishav-Sahana story last these trying times? Or will fate have the final say?

From murky sponsorship deals to alcohol abuse;
From lust to modern love;
From trust to betrayal also exists deceit and politics of a fast changing world.

Anyone else but you’d believe that life in Delhi High School is no life, it’s a freaking game!

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