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Review: I Wrote Your Name In The Sky And Yours And Yours Too

By Nikhil Chandwani. Grade: C

Mr. Chandwani, the author, is a writer, lyricist and a poet and currently pursuing his engineering degree from VIT Vellore. ‘I wrote your…’ is Mr. Chandwani’s first book and according to him, it’s an autobiography of a flirt. This book gave me a bad feeling for the first time when I looked at the grammatically incorrect title. The cover is targeted at the Facebook-Generation by the looks of the troll face and the blue background, but it’s very poorly designed.

This book is about a flirt. It’s a dairy of a flirt. A flirt who was an introvert. A flirt who didn’t knew what flirting means. A flirt who started with a broken heart and broke many hearts. Check out this awe-inspiring teenage journey. Check out why cheats exist. Check out why people break hearts. It’s full of confusion, lust, romance and love in the universe of teenagers

The back blurb on the book gives only a blurred idea of the book. The only thing you can get out of it is confusion and a vague idea of what it is about.

It’s just another story that deals with the great teen-age Every-Girl-Loves- Me confusion. The book is full of lust, a craving for physical satisfaction, where the protagonist, Nikhil, falls in love with every girl he comes across. The word ‘love’ factors in nowhere.

Mr. Chandwani claimed that the book is written as a diary but apart from a few chapters/sub-chapters, it was more like a regular narration. Every incident seems exaggerated. The language has no grip to keep the narration interesting. However, there are many poems and some of them are really good and seems more mature than the book itself. There are some sketches which are very immature and barely go with the context  where they are used.

With no story, no characters, and no writing, Mr. Chandwani authored ‘I Wrote Your…’ and really disappointed me. In keeping with the blurb “A flirt who was an introvert”, the book tells nothing but the story of one-sided-attraction. With over-sized typeset and extended line spacing, and it took me only an hour to read the entire book and half an hour to re-read it.  (I’d not have read it again if it wasn’t for review). It’s just a paperback version of the post-American Pie dream of a self obsessed protagonist.

If Mr. Chandwani plans to take writing as a serious career, he has a lot of rethinking to do.

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