Review: Evolution Exposed

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By Roger Patterson. Grade: B

Evolution Exposed takes three biology textbooks and tries to say that evolution is being pre-programmed into its students and that evolution isn’t the end of the discussion. This book takes the stand that there are still serious holes evolution that evolutionary scientists have yet to fill. It also informs you of some misinterpretations of evolution and breaks down its inconsistencies.

I found the book very revealing of the missteps of evolution scientists and their lack of effort to convey the truth over some of their ‘dreams.’ Hypocrisy comes to mind when I think of what evolution scientists tell those who believe in Creation and Intelligent Design (special creation) in respects to the big question of, “Where is the proof?” This book backs creation with no apology.… Continue Reading?

Review: If Animals Could Talk

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by Werner Gitt and K.H. Vanheiden. Grade: B+

This book is a narration of animals to us. Telling us about them and the wonders of how they are made. The authors give God credit for making the animals and make it clear they don’t support evolution.

I hadn’t known what to think when I’d picked up this book. The author is Werner Gitt and the book was originally written in German. I had met the author earlier last year and he was speaking with a heavy accent so my first impression wasn’t exactly fantastic because I hadn’t gotten to reading any of his books yet. Werner Gitt is an information scientist and a very smart man. After reading this book that is co-authored by K.H.… Continue Reading?