Review: Why Did I Fall In Love

BY Guest Reviewer IN B+, Vinod Pardhi 2 COMMENTS a little romance, suicide, Tragedy

By Vinod Pardhi. Grade: B+

From the blurb:

Why Did I Fall In Love?“ by Vinod Pardhi revolves around the enigma that reasons with the necessity for love. The question grows into prominence only when love goes unrequited, unnoticed and misjudged by situations.

Vinod Pardhi asks a rhetoric question – a fateful query that few can answer perhaps. The question is powerful, drawing you to the deepest corners of a maze, where the walls look alike and where surviving is suffocating, escaping is never an option – perhaps cutting of the link with Divine providence is the last resort. Yet alas, destiny has other plans. Unless Life finds a new meaning, the magic wand continues to play havoc with your stars and provides you with a living angelic apparition – an object of adoration.

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