Review: Holding the Dream

BY Shriya Garg IN B+, Contemporary Romance, Nora Roberts, The Dream Trilogy 5 COMMENTS death

By Nora Roberts. The Dream Trilogy #2. Grade: B+

I haven’t yet read the first book in the trilogy Holding The Dream, but from what I read of Margo in the subsequent sequels didn’t really endear her to me, so I think I’ll pass. Holding the Dream is a light read and is good enough for a few hours’ entertainment.

The Dream trilogy revolves around three women who are as close as sisters –Laura Templeton, Kate Powell and Margo Sullivan. Kate Powell is the adopted daughter of Thomas and Susan Templeton, owners of a luxury hotel chain based in Big Sur.

Kate Powell has spent her whole life trying to be the best at everything she does so that she can “pay them back” for their generosity.

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Review: Finding The Dream

BY Shriya Garg IN A+, Contemporary Romance, Nora Roberts, The Dream Trilogy 2 COMMENTS

By Nora Roberts. The Dream Trilogy #3. Grade A+

Finding The Dream, I feel, is one of Nora Roberts’ personal best, and definitely the top book in this trilogy. It does stand alone and can certainly be enjoyed without reading the others, although it is enriched by reading it last.

Laura, daughter of the Templeton hoteliers, fulfills her adolescent dream at 18 when she falls in love and marries Peter Ridgeway. Peter — older, suave and sophisticated — is an executive of the Templeton Hotel chain. To him, the Templeton money, not Laura, was the allure. He manages to strip her estate and leave her with two young children to rear before he disappears into the proverbial sunset after ten years of marriage.

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