Review: Along the way

BY Anushka IN B+, TGC Prasad NO COMMENTS YET engineers, friendship

By TGC Prasad. Grade: B+

Having read TGC Prasad’s UPDTD, which is a management guide of sorts, and is definitely non fiction, it was pretty astonishing to hear that he had written fiction, let alone a romantic one! I was extremely surprised, but instantly interested. I was very curious as well, as to how Mr. Prasad would handle such a story. What did I find, on reading the novel? Read on.

Venkat, Raj and Adi become close friends when they are students at NIT, Kozhikode and their grades merge at the lower quartile. The friendships continue as they find jobs and try to find their footing in the IT industry. Venkat is besotted with Anjali, but her Coorgi father – a retired Colonel, believes that only avid B-school quizzers can win his daughter’s hand.

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Review: Unusual People Do Things Differently

BY Anushka IN A, Non-fiction, TGC Prasad 4 COMMENTS India, short stories

By TGC Prasad.  Grade: A 

This is the first book that I have read which is related to management skills, something I plan to study once I am of suitable age. Since I have no knowledge whatsoever in the subject right now, apart from the little tit-bits that I have read here and there and pieces of information that I have gained due to my father, I expected this book to be hard to understand. So, I was pleasantly surprised when the author announced in the preface that the book wouldn’t have theory. Instead the book contains short stories, about unusual people who do things differently.

Unusual People are ordinary people who strive hard to do extraordinary things. They are sensitive to nuances, look to provide lateral solutions, dare to think out of the box and often end up changing the rules of the game.

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