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By Suraj Jangid. Grade: B


Suraj Jangid makes his debut as an author with his novel “My Life With A Soul.” Suraj was born in Faridabad, Haryana but later shifted to New Delhi. At a very young age, he became obsessed with Literature and wrote several short stories and poems in various online media. His is currently a student of B.A. (Hons) History in Delhi College of Arts and Commerce and is also working in a publishing firm.

 Sam, an eighteen year old and young school student, becomes obsessed with a religion that delves into the dangerous nature of religion, love and dreams. He goes on a search of the truth, which according to him will change the course of the world he lives in. His depression, dreams, and his newly found love, Selda, takes him to the world, which he thinks is nothing but an illusion.

My Life With A Soul by Suraj Jangid

Things become complicated and his life turns into a chaos.

“What will you do if a girl says ‘No’ even after proposing her eighth time?”

“What will you do if your lover is suffering from Aids?”

“What will you do if your religion tells you that you can’t die?”

“What will you do if your girlfriend dies in front of you?”


What do you require to pen down a story and turn it into a novel? Well, according to me, there are two key factors that need to be kept in mind – Conceptualization and Execution. When these are in sync, you get a perfect novel to savor. Getting this mix right is always essential for an author, whether a newbie or an experienced veteran.


Suraj hits the target with a beautiful conceptualization of love and life that’s very rare in the modern world. The story explores the life of Sam, a student of class twelfth in a reputed school, who is different from other students of his class. He lacks a true friend in his life and stares despairingly at loneliness. The girl he loves doesn’t respond to him favourably, and he finds himself juggling in the web of this world. It is then that he meets Selda, first in his dreams, and then in reality, and together they strike a chord which promises to unite the soul in a never felt before feeling of true love.


Suraj manages to come up with a unique plot for his debut. It’s different from the young adult love stories that we get to read so often nowadays. True, this book deals with love between the protagonists Sam and Selda; however, they explore a world that blurs the differences between fantasy and realism. They achieve a bond which unites their souls transcending the worldly boundaries. In some places, Suraj reminds me of Paulo Coelho. There are deeper truths that his protagonist Sam talks about in the story. The philosophical thoughts are an integral part of this tale and guide the story forward.


However, the execution of this plot leaves a lot to be desired. The narration is broken at places, and quickly takes you back and forth among events and characters. There are chances you might have to go back to the previous lines to gauge the situation better. There are more than a few grammatical errors as well. Also, I didn’t like the use of cuss words every now and then. In short, I would suggest the author to go for a better editing for his next novel.


Yes, I am waiting to read his next novel, whenever he writes it down. I can give you one important reason for this – the author does show a lot of promise and courage by shifting away from the conventional teen love stories and trying to nurture a concept that’s delightful and refreshing. However, the story could have been expressed in a better manner, with minimal mistakes.


I would suggest book lovers to try this book. The plot would play in your mind long after you have read the last pages. Though I felt that the execution could have been better, I loved the conceptualization.

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