Abhishek Agrawal was born in Bhilai and did schooling from Rajkumar College, Raipur. He is now doing B.Com. Final Year at St. Thomas College. He Is Persuing For Networking And Hacking Courses. He was one of the good painter & swimmer of his school. His interests include writing, horse-riding and blogging. He takes keen interest in the game of football, hockey and volley-ball and has also played the same for his school team.

He currently lives in Raipur and supports his father in buisness. He can be contacted HERE.
And his articles can be read HERE.

Q. Did writing chose you be chance, or did you always want to be a writer?
A. Well I will go for the first option, I had been reading many novels & was addicted, but never planned to write as such.

Q. Are you working on some project right now?
A. Yes, I am working on another story & I will inform you as soon as I finish it & of course, on the sequel of Sorry…For Loving You.

Q. What part of writing a novel do you love best?
A. I am very attached to this novel. Whatever I have written, I have given it my everything. I have embedded equal amount of emotions in each & every part of the Novel. So, it’s really very tough for me to select one thing. Each & every chapter of my novel is like my own child and we cannot select one among them.

Q. What, according to you, is the most important thing to be kept in mind while penning a successful novel?

A. Feelings, Emotions & of course English.

Q. Tell us about your experience when you received your first fan-mail?
A. I had tears in my eyes & was overwhelmed to see the comment.

Q. How do you deal with your critics, if any?
A. Well for this answer I would like to requote the lines which I had written in my Novel…
…Good Decisions come from experience & experience comes from bad decisions. People laugh at me coz I am different but I laugh coz they are all same…

Q. Where do you see yourself ten years from now? Still in the writing industry?
A. Well I don’t consider myself as a professional writer yet, but I just wrote it out of my hobby. So, I cannot assure you that where I stand after ten years but yes, I can promise you that whatever I will write, I will give my entire Dedication & Honesty.

Q. How did you chose your genre? Was it something you always wanted to write about, or did it happen by chance?
A. I had written many articles, dramas & other stuffs but only at school level, never went for it professionally. It was probably what destiny had for me & blessings of my lord that today I am an Author.

Q. Which has been your craziest experience regarding your book?
A. Last month when I was coming back from Nagpur, I was there in the railway station’s book stall, surfing some books. Suddenly a girl came to me who was my fan & was there to purchase a copy a novel from the stall…she was very amazed when she met me. Her excitement could be easily seen on her face…Really I felt very good by the love of my readers.

Q. Did you ever write something before Sorry… For Loving You? Tell us about it?
A. Nothing special but some short poems, Shayaris, Dramas & some short stories.

Q. When it comes to reading for pleasure, which is the book you would never hesitate in picking up?
A. Well there are many books, but I love, I too had a love story, by Ravinder Singh the most & was inspired by that.

Q. Any message to your readers?
A. I would like to tell my readers that try to take out a new lesson from your daily life as it has a lesson to teach & a story to tell & Don’t shed your tears… don’t even cry for the one who was not yours… but always cure in love…I wish you all the best for your future…

Once there was a chap, Aditya, who fell in love with a girl, Chahat. The boy loved the girl like hell. But the girl, as usual, was playing with him and his emotions. She was in love with some other guy & was just using Aditya for three long years to meet that guy.

What You Think, What Had Happened Next?
Did the other boy accept her?
Was the other guy loyal to her?
Had she ever realized the worth of Aditya?
Had she gone back to Aditya ever again?
Had Aditya accepted & forgiven her ever?
To know the answers of these questions read “Sorry, For Loving You”

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