Review: Change Your Life

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By Sneha Mehta. Grade: A+

Who Am I? What is my purpose? What is Karma? Why do I suffer in life? Why isn’t God kind to me? Why aren’t my stars favourable? Are my numbers destined to be dark? Why can’t medicines cure me? Why am I always upset, lethargic and gloomy? What has the location of my bedroom got to do with my well – being? How can tarot cards show me the way? How can I get rid of phobia?

This cycle of who – why – how goes on and on. Day in and day out, we are confronted with worries and problems, and we choose to be bogged down by them. We are stressed, and question the meaning of our lives. We blame God, and at times pray to him to save us from all these miseries from which we suffer. We have questions, but we feel the answers are out of our reach.

And that’s where we go wrong. The answers are not far away; they are right within us.

Review: Change Your Life

Sneha Mehta brings forth the inspirational stories from eleven new age healers. While some blindly follow them, others simply ignore them, rubbishing their advices as ‘big talks.’ Now, here is my suggestion. Read this book with an unbiased mind. Do not judge the words that have been written, rather try to incorporate them in your life, and within a few days you will feel a change in your attitude. Try it.

I tried it, and it worked for me. It definitely feels good, a lot better than before.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Trupti Jayin, Bejan Daruwalla, Sanjay B Jumaani, Paula Horan, Ramesh Chauhan, Pandit Gopal Sharma, Nithya Shanti, Bindu Maira, Nandita Sanker, Rajyogini Shivani Didi.”

What are your options when you get stuck in life? How do you deal with a break-up or a life-threatening disease? Do you try to be positive? But if being positive was so easy, why is the suicide rate rising instead of dipping? Why did America have to go through recession when the Law of Attraction (for attracting money) is known to each and every citizen of the country? Why are we confronting more rapes and murders?

The answer is simple trying to be positive is not enough. Change Your Life exposes you to a variety of paranormal practices which are otherwise termed controversial, hidden, or supernatural. From the author of ’21 Things Every Girl Should Know’ comes a book that explains the ancient healing techniques that have miraculously changed millions of lives, worldwide.

The stories say one thing loud and clear. You can change your life. All you need to know is the way to do it.

This book is a treasure house of knowledge and unconventional wisdom. Knowledge isn’t just what we learn in schools and colleges, rather it is knowing about yourself and your surroundings, and then adapting to the dynamic nature of this ever changing world. Knowledge is soul searching, and identifying oneself better. Knowledge is to cure yourself of all ailments, mental and physical, and living a blessed life, that we all deserve to lead.

Sneha Mehta pens down her experience of meeting several new age healers – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (The Art of Living),  Bejan Daruwalla (Astrology), Dr. Trupti Jayin (Past Life Regression), Paula Horan (Reiki), Sanjay B Jumaani (Numerology), Ramesh Chauhan (Ozone Treatment), Pandit Gopal Sharma (Vaastu and Feng Shui), Nithya Shanti (Happiness Joyshops), Bindu Maira (Tarot and Crystals), Nandita Sanker (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Rajyogini Shivani Didi (The Brahma Kumaris) – and does a really good job in making her readers relate with the doubts and questions that surface in her mind before she meets the motivational healers. She too, like many of us, was in two-minds regarding the preaching and techniques of some of them, but as you read on about their lives and the transformations that have been brought through by their methods, your disbelief quickly changes to trust and faith, just like the author’s.

Sneha narrates the stories in a way that makes us connected to her words, and we feel as if it is us, the readers, who are directly interacting with these eminent personalities. She asks all the right questions at precisely the right time, and clearly expresses the solutions that were provided to her queries. She explains the meetings in detail, and helps us in understanding the alternative healing methodologies of life. There is something in it for everyone, because we all face problems in life. We all aim to have a better life, and dwell in peace and contentment.

This book shouldn’t be there on your book shelf. Rather, it should find a place on your bed, just beside your pillow. Whenever you are low, just go through the pages, read and know the essence of life, and analyse your wants and needs in a deeper manner. Trust me, this book won’t disappoint you. The title is perfect, and you will definitely try to change your life for the better after reading this book.

Thank you, Sneha for such a brilliant effort. Nothing can be better than sharing the insightful knowledge that you gained with the rest of the world. If the world is a stage, then you certainly deserve a standing ovation from the audience, which comprise of readers like me.

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