Review: Sudhi Kannan: An Elephantic Adventure

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By Krishna. Grade: A

Sudhi Kannan

Sudhi is a ten year old notorious kid.

Kannan is a cool dad.

Boss is a mind bending terrorist.

School is hectic. Work is crazy. So Sudhi and Kannan decide to bunk a day off from their routine lives. The trip is to the Elephanta Island located a few kilometers away from the coast of Mumbai. There is a surprise waiting for them in the form of three novice terrorists. As you read this, they are heading towards the island to capture it. It seems possible, since Boss knows a trick or two with hypnosis.

Beware; the Coast Guard will be undercover. Hypnotized soldiers will take over the island. Bullets will rip through the night sky and a ten year old boy is about to change the course of every fool proof plan.

This adventure is going to be a blast. You are invited

Let me just start by congratulating the writer for writing such an amazing book. It is full of witty and interesting anecdotes of a notorious boy who always has a prank up his sleeve.

Deepak and Sudhi ran towards the director. They gave him the roses, Deepak planted a kiss on his cheek, the director lifted him off the ground and Deepak’s pants fell off. Better explained, Sudhi pulled them off. The next day’s newspaper showed a cringing director holding a semi naked Deepak Purohit in mid air.

The book revolves around a father son duo that always helps each other out and are each other’s backbone in every thick and thin situation. While trying to avoid a deadline, Kannan suggests a day-bunk to which Sudhi readily agrees. Call it luck or destiny, when Sudhi asks his chubby friend which would be the best place to go to, the latter mumbles something which is interpreted for the Elephanta Caves.

Boss, a novice terrorist, along with his two aides is planning to hold all the tourists for ransom at the caves. Boss has special powers. He can hypnotize anyone by a simple look in the eye. He hypnotizes the security guards and takes over the island. Thus starts the adventure of a lifetime for the troublesome ten-year-old boy.

She was rubbing his chest harder, the panic on his face suggested that he was a goner. Soon words of condolence began to pour in:

“Poor man. God bless his soul…”

“Don’t worry sister, the terrorists will burn…”

“This is God’s will…”

“He has been in his wife’s arms all this while, that’s why he could survive for this long…”

A second later, every living soul inside the cave heard the longest and loudest fart of their lives

Every time Sudhi gets trapped in a situation that even the sharpest of minds could not tackle themselves out of, he surprises the reader by doing something completely unexpected. Sudhi has an incredible presence of mind and I found myself glued to the book waiting for the next stunt that he would pull off.

Sudhi glanced over to his side; Pooja had both Kannan and Megha engrossed in the discussion and no one looking at him. Pooja started to speak, “Mr. Kannan, it will come as a bit of a shock to you. The reason why our maths teacher got suspended was because….”

‘Distraction… Now. Power Extreme!!!’ Sudhi shoved his index finger down his throat.

The book is like a typical Bollywood flick, with ‘pause’, ‘rewind’, ‘slow motion’ forming a part of the write up. But fun nonetheless.