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Shikha Sharma

Shikha Sharma is a nineteen year old student of English Honours in Delhi University. Writing has never failed to fascinate her; thereby she has always wanted to write a book. With ‘I Loved Too Much… He Loved Too Many!’ she is debuting into the literary world. She is one of the wittiest writers in the Literary World. She is also a blogger, an Editor and a content writer.

1) Congratulations on an impressive debut. How does it feel to have written your first novel?

Hello! Thank you so much! And it undoubtedly feels great, especially after seeing my name in print. I just wish people like this book.


2) Tell us something about yourself.

Right now, I am in the final year of English honours. I edit books and work as a content writer along with managing my studies. My mom calls me ‘overambitious’. Along with that I am overtly dramatic and daydreaming is my favourite pass time.


3)  The title of your book is quite catchy. Tell us the process of writing this story.

Thank you. The process of writing wasn’t very long though but still even after the book finished, I lived with its characters for quite a long time.


4) In a few sentences, please summarize the plot of your story.

Through this book I tried to explore love in its different shades. Along with it, this book explores modern day relationships, tackling the issues of lust, infidelity, insecurities, possessiveness, jealousy and rage.


5)  Who is your idol in the literary world? What qualities of him/her do you like?

Well, nobody is an idol as I don’t want to follow someone else’s footsteps. Though there are a lot of people whose works I admire but still, they are both different things. Aren’t they?

But there are a lot of people who have helped me during this process of marketing this book, one such name is Author’s Empire Literary Company.


6) Are the characters or incidents in your story based on any real person or events?

This is the question that almost everybody asks. In fact, people even ask if I am the lead character to which I always reply that ‘No, Lavishka is pretty much sane!’ (laughs) but yes, a few things are picked up here and there from my life and also from people around me and a few events are also in the book that happened for real but then it was all combined with a lot of fiction.


7)  What types of books do you love to read? Who are your favorite authors?

I am not a choosy reader. In fact I can read anything and everything that comes my way. For me, a good book is the one whose characters live in my head even after finishing the book. But I do have a lot of favourite authors like Charlotte Bronte, Salman Rushdie, Novoneel Chakraborty, Cecelia Ahern, Dan Brown and Stephenie Meyer.


8) What was your first reaction when you got the news that you book has been selected for publication? 

It was funny. Very funny indeed. I was jumping on and off the bed with continuous giggles. It took me a lot of time to sober up; only then, I was able to tell about it to my Mom and all the people I thought who would care.


9) Are you working on any new story?

Yes, I am working on my next book with Subhasis Das. The tentative title is ‘Mumbai Unplugged’.


10) What would be your message to your readers?

Obviously I wrote this book, so for me, it’s the best book on earth (laughs) but I want the readers to give this book a try and let me know how they find it.

I loved Too Much… He Loved Too Many!


Love- isn’t it something that all of us chase at some points in our lives?

 When she said ‘I love you’, she meant it forever….

When he said ‘I love you’, even he meant it forever…

But is that enough for a happy ending?

But do love stories even end at all?

Love is a four lettered word, but so is lust… so how could one find the difference between the two?

How can one know that it is love this time and not just another relationship?

How can someone seek true love at the time when just a minor tiff results in changing of facebook status as ‘complicated’ or even ‘single’!

Join Lavishka and Tanmay in the journey of their quest for love, their fulfillment of desires and their discovery of their inhibited self and unveil the answers.  

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