Review: Who Do You Think You’re Kidding?

By Lina Ashar. Grade A+

For a change, I was going to read a Non Fiction book that too, on a topic I needed to understand more than I already knew – Parenting!  Being a mother in today’s world is a challenge in itself and when a book like ‘Who Do You Think You’re Kidding’ appears, one is relieved to be reading new tips to be a successful parent.

But, what is it about parenting that hasn’t been discussed already?

What is it about children that we are yet to understand?

With these thoughts running furiously in my mind, I commenced reading Lina Ashar’s book and was quite happy that I did choose to read the book.

“Parenting has a whole new meaning to it… It’s not just about your child getting the best grades in school or turning out ‘okay,’ it’s about raising a global citizen who is intelligent and aware of his situation and that of others.”

Who Do You Think You’re Kidding?

What I liked best about this book was that it was a practical book, not just some psychological mumbo-jumbo written to impress the reader. Of course, if you are one of those people who feel that your knowledge and information on parenting is more than sufficient, if you believe that a parent needs no tips to raise his/her child well, then this book is going to turn out to be some trash for you.  For the person sincerely interested in knowing what more to do for their children in this age of ‘digital revolution and globalization’ this book is THE book for you!

Lina’s book makes one realize, acknowledge and understand the little things that we tend to miss out on, while parenting our children. Like when she says, “Children have begun to enjoy socializing in solitude. The social construct of their connectivity is changing. They are more connected to their friends through their machines.”

 This really is true. Gone are the days when children were content playing outdoors, exhausting themselves on the streets playing a game of cricket, football, hopscotch or hide n’ seek. Today, the contours of enjoyment, relaxation and entertainment rarely extend beyond the four walls of the house. Too much of information available easily and too soon have restricted the dimensions of outdoor socializing or energizing of nerves, muscles, body and spirit. Of course, this may not apply to all children but is indeed a fact for most children today.

‘Who Do You Think You’re Kidding’ is replete with thoughts and ideas that gives the reader a sympathetic shoulder so to say. And you appreciate the fact that the author understands your feelings so well and even provides suggestions that will help you deal with conflicting situations at home.

Tips like cell free times at dinner, no TV days once a week, not being sarcastic with children and several other such simple tips apart from the detailed research make this book a very good self-help book on parenting.  The fact that the author also includes her own life experiences both, good and bad makes for some excellent inter-personal reading. The fact that Lina has shared her experiences both, as parent and teacher makes the book, ‘Who Do You Think You’re Kidding’ a reliable hands-on guide for parents and for anyone interested in children, in teaching and in understanding the future global citizens of the world.


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